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3 reviews for MUSCLE MASS STACK

  1. Curt Fast (verified owner)

    Definitely after two weeks (half-way through the eight week cycle now) there was a definite boast in strength and pump.I stack it with the suggested TestroZone and Humanogen. Great products!! I will be cycling with them for the foreseeable future.


    I personally love this stuff! So much so that I’ve ordered it on 3 separate occasions and am planning a 4th! It’s given me killer results strength-wise and muscle-mass! I really like to stack it with Androhard. (GREAT stuff) – but if you’re looking to make some larger gains, stack it with Testrozone.

    BTW — I am about to order the new stuff y’all have For increasing growth-hormone and I am SUPER stoked!

    ((Hope y’all are still doing free samples with orders ? ?))

  3. Thomas Sideris (verified owner)

    Let me start with saying that I love this stack. Now, regarding it’s effectiveness, my results will vary from yours. One thing to consider is age. I’m 44 years old. My understanding is that for the most part, peptides, not being exogenous, won’t generally push you beyond homeostasis if utilized correctly. With that in mind, consider how far below your natural cap you would be if you were say, 30. I would guess that my decline at 44 is far greater than when I was 30, hence, my results are nothing short of life changing. In a month’s time, have I put on pounds and pounds of muscle? No, but what has happened? I’ve increased every aspect of my fitness training by a magnitude! My recovery is as good, if not better than what it was when I was 24. I can definitely see a difference in the hardness and fullness of my muscle. As of now, the greatest result is my sense of well being. That alone has been life altering. My stress, anxiety, and depression have for all intents and purposes vanished. That in and of itself is worth the low price of admission. If all I got was this sense of well-being, it’s worth it. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you decide to pull the trigger (do it!), do it with a proper and thoughtful idea of what you should expect. If you’re jacked and 24, I would assume, this product will help you to maintain your already high level of performance, whereas for an older dog like myself, all I can say is “HELL YEAH!!!”

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