Brazilian Hot Body Stack

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• Decrease in Appearance of Cellulite Up To 90%
• Reduction in skin Surface Roughness of up to 72%
• Average Decrease in Appearance of Cellulite of 51%
• Helps Decrease Fat Deposits & Water Retention
• Rapid superior absorption
• Targets slow to respond/stubborn areas


The most advanced topical fat burner on the market powered by7-Keto DHEA®, Phosphatidylserine and Green Tea extract. For the first time get ALL of the befits from the amzing comund 7-Ketp DHEA®. more info…


With a state of the art proprietary blend of potent ingredients, Brazilian Tight™ gel gives you clinically proven results to reduce the appearance of cellulite (“orange peel”), while making the body smoother and firmer. This revolutionary gel not only diminishes the appearance of cellulite while dramatically increasing the skin’s smoothness, but it causes “reverse differentiation” causing fat cells and fat tissue to actually reverse its form into healthy, fibrolast-like tissue. more info…