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Weight 16 oz

3 reviews for ANDRO SHRED + FIRE STACK

  1. Marcusdavila155 (verified owner)

    The andro shred 2.0 makes you skin look great and feels easy to put on. With the fire cream there’s no burning sensation like I’m a few other topical cream like it and I have to say the combination of these two products pulls quite a bit of water from the body and do their job as described on the website

  2. Jesus Tristan (verified owner)

    I recently got my hands on this stack and it works great. I have used Fire in the past but I wanted to combine these two and I have seen amazing results. The pump I feel during my workouts are insane. I love this combination and would highly recommend to anyone looking to burn at and get a great pump. The gelz work great and don’t leave that greasy feeling on your hands. This is a must try!!!!

  3. mgavins-8872

    I’ll be honest this works way better for me than sweet sweat and vasoburn. I also pair the two with Androhard as well for the complete package. It’s definitely adding gains for me during competition prep!

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